Here, you’ll find what some of our associates are doing in AP to care for our fellow Associates, Guests, Business and the Community!


A Love Like This

There are many reasons why Celestial Court Manager Alice Hou is well loved by her team. From the moment a new talent joins the department, Alice will extend a warm welcome. Knowing that the first month of the associate’s experience will determine if the associate stays on, Alice takes special care to coach new associates in their jobs so that they will feel confident and take pride in their work and contributions.

Devotion to Recuperating Associate

An associate Mary was ill and had to be hospitalized for a prolonged period. With a steady stream of guests to serve, even though the Associate kitchen planned to prepare special meals for the recuperating associate, no one was free to deliver the nutritious meals to the patient. Wishing Mary to get proper and appetizing meals, HR assigned Dormitory associate Yuki to make special deliveries to the hospital, twice daily.

Help in His Time of Need

It was past 1am and Narendra dragged his tired body up the flight of dormitory steps. It had been a busy day for Banquet associates and Narendra couldn’t wait to drop his tired body into his nice cool bed. A good undisturbed was what he badly needed.

Extra Effort to Ensure Intern’s Success

The interns from the hotel’s Style Department are a eager bunch, always anxiously looking out for the Intern’s Weekly Training Report painstakingly put together by Ivan. Their enthusiasm is the response to a caring and generous team leader Ivan, who thinks nothing of spending hours carefully preparing the report that contains details on the trainee’s progress, what they did well and areas for improvement.

A Haven for All

Everyone fondly addresses our Dormitory Administrator Lily Meng as sister Lily. Though Lily only joined the hotel in April, our hearts have been warmed time and time again by the contributions that Lily has made towards associate wellbeing.
Just a few days after sister Lily came on board, she observed that the pillows and quilts kept in the store room had turned yellow and were giving off an unpleasant odor. Through there were many of them and sunning each and every piece would take several days, possibly stretching into weeks, Lily was not deterred.

Indispensable Counsellor and Friend

Associate Rosemary was filled with untold happiness when the doctor pronounced that she was pregnant. Elva shared her joy and as a young mum, freely shared with Rosemary the many lessons she had picked up on infant care.

Young Fan Surprised by Reply from “Mascot”

To keep children of guests happy and entertained, fantasist Mami Wakisaka from Recreation Oasis spends hours putting herself in their tiny shoes and dreaming up new and exciting ideas to engage them. When on duty, Mami always goes the extra step to make friendly contact with the young guests.

Making Her Sorrow Easier to Bear

A long-time local from Mossman which is located 13 minutes from the resort recently called to book high tea for herself. Catering Sales Manager Ellen remembered her and her husband well and asked after her family. During the telephone conversation, the guest shared that her husband had passed on 6 years ago and she was visiting Port Douglas Cemetary to lay his ashes alongside their two children whom she had lost a long time ago.

Sweetest Farewell for Loyal Guest

Cathy from the Executive Lounge is sincere and attentive, and always considers how things can be done in a better way to enhance guest experience.
Recently, a VIP guest who had been staying in the hotel for a year had to relocate. He was reluctant to leave, having become close friends with a number of hotel associates, including Cathy. Cathy was sorry to see him go, having established a great understanding with the loyal guest. Saying goodbye to him would be as hard as parting with a family member.

Sunshine After the Rain

Delayed by pouring rain, a couple arrived at the hotel late at night. It was not a good start to their 20th wedding anniversary celebrations. Their first request upon arrival was for front desk to engage a tour guide for an early morning visit to Miyajima Island the very next day.
As it was very last minute and all tour agencies had closed for the day, the front desk associate was having great difficulty meeting the guest’s request. Every few seconds, the couple would approach the front desk, impatience written all over their faces.

Showering Guest with Service Reserved for Dignitaries

This was the guest first visit to China. Not used to the different way things were done in the country, the guest did not dare expect much of his stay in the hotel. But Chief Concierge Eric changed all that.

"Mad Dasher" Vennis Saves the Day

Not long ago, a big group of guests from the United States checked into the hotel. Amongst them was a female guest. They had a very packed schedule, up to their final night at the hotel.

Staying Calm in Chaos

On October 5th, as arranged, Henry waited for the guest at the hotel lobby. He was to drive the guest to the train station. Although they had set off early, their car was stuck in a massive jam due to an overturned van. Despite the presence of traffic marshals, traffic was hardly moving.

Beautiful Memories Begotten by Care

In October, a middle-aged couple checked into the hotel. The man was travelling on business but they had planned to tour the city when his meetings concluded. In particular, they were looking forward to a visit to the world-renowned terracotta warriors.

Placing Guest’s Needs at the Center in All He Does

Late one evening, a guest approached the hotel’s concierge for help. He had just received an invitation to dine at the American embassy and he would like to get a bouquet of flowers for the Ambassador’s wife. It was past eight o’clock and the hotel florist had closed for the day.
Fully aware that observation of etiquette is of great importance for the embassy dinner, Steven quickly drew a map of the florist located nearest to the hotel. He then added directions from the florist to the embassy.

Passion for Service Thrills Guest

A guest was particularly looking forward to his hotel stay. Without his girlfriend’s knowledge, he had booked a room for them to enjoy a special date, an exceptionally precious moment in their long-distance romance. When Duty Manager William learnt of the plan, William decided to help make the occasion even more surprising and unforgettable by upgrading the couple’s room to a suite.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Annie joined Guest laundry department three years ago and through dedication to her job has risen to a senior position. Annie takes her senior role seriously and every time she has a spare moment, she would help the other associates with laundry cleaning and delivery. It does not matter to her that this means giving up her rest time as the laundry load is heavy and an extra pair of hands would help.

Nothing Stands in the Way of a Successful Moet Chandon Rose Wine Dinner

Recently, the hotel planned a Moet Chandon Rose Wine Dinner in its Oyster & Wine Bar. Featuring one of the world's largest champagne producers and a prominent champagne house, Moët et Chandon wine dinners are lavish affairs that diners have come to expect. It was an event that needed to be impeccable in every way – from the table layout, to decorations and of course, a lovely dinner menu and excellent wine.

Making Alive Spirit of Enterprise

A hotel staff member since 1997, Sammy was recently transferred to Garden Court as its Chef de Cuisine. To Sammy, this new role was a very serious responsibility. He knew that if he were to guide the team of chefs well, they could make a significant impact on the hotel’s profitability. This, he hopes to achieve with his team via constant innovation.

Living Up to Service Promise

Event Sales Manager Tiger Yu believes that doing a good job goes beyond persuading guests of the hotel’s superiority in terms of service, but also ensuring that guests who entered into a service contact with the hotel indeed enjoy impeccable service. As a result, we often see Tiger personally overseeing events at the hotel, no matter the hour.

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