Associates Join Efforts to Rehabilitate Abused Elephants

Hua Hin in northern Thailand is a natural habitat for wild elephants. Over the years, many of these elephants are trapped and then trained as performers to entertain for a meagre income. Many of them suffer abuse at the hands of their owners who did little to care for them. Oftentimes, the sick and the old are left to die.
To rescue these elephants who suffered under their masters, an elephant nature park was carved out by an NGO to rehabilitate them, providing them with a sanctuary to heal.

W Maldives Expands Collaboration with Celebrated Tahir Sultan to Uplift Maldivian Communities

The W Maldives recently joined hands with famous fashion designer Tahir Sultan to design a range of soft toys for sale in the hotel premises.

Preventing Snow Blindness in Herdsmen

For an entire week starting from November 6, The Westin Bund Center Shanghai held a Care for Community event entitled "Eye Care Week". We invited several guest speakers to deliver a speech on eye protection against damaging glare from the sun and hygiene tips for contact lens users. This series of talks aimed at maintaining healthy eyes was open to the public as well as associates.

Bringing Easy Access to Clean Water to Rural Students

Access to clean water is something that city dwellers take for granted but for students and staff from Klong Muang Elementary School, obtaining clean water for basic activities such as cooking and drinking is neither easy nor common. As a result of limited access to clean water, many students and some staff have gotten sick time and time again.

Life-Changing Gift for Rural Children

What means most to a child in a rural primary school? From chatting with rural villagers, the answer is clear. Knowledge!
Unlike children in the cities, it is not easy to find reading materials such as story books. Bookstores and libraries are a rarity. In addition, most rural families do not have the financial means to buy books for their children. Many are therefore left behind in the quest for knowledge.
A library is therefore a life-changing gift for these children.

Associates Campaign to Save and Restore Precious Wetlands

The wetland is an important refuge and feeding ground for many species of resident birds. Apart from providing shelter and food for both resident and migratory birds, wetlands also prevent a built up of toxins which could poison wildlife.
Within Kota Kinabalu, many wetlands provide this important role in the whole ecosystem. However, many of them are experiencing gradual degradation, due to both natural calamities as well as inconsiderate actions such as environmental pollution.

A Day Powered by Love

It was predawn but there was already a frenzy of activities in the hotel kitchen. Associates from various departments were scooping up an assortment of vegetables and packing them into lunch boxes. By 5am, the neatly stacked lunch boxes placed into paper bags and moved to the hotel vans. Within the next 30 minutes, 100 lunch boxes were dropped off at three sanitation stations located at Rinxin Road, Huancheng West and Wangchun Road.

Restoring Wat Talay Bok to its Former Glory

The majority of people in Thailand practice Buddhism and temples are revered and considered as one of the most important places by its citizens. In the hearts of the Thai people, temples are places where people gather for all kinds of activities. In fact, temples are the hearts of the community.

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