Bringing Easy Access to Clean Water to Rural Students

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Access to clean water is something that city dwellers take for granted but for students and staff from Klong Muang Elementary School, obtaining clean water for basic activities such as cooking and drinking is neither easy nor common. As a result of limited access to clean water, many students and some staff have gotten sick time and time again.
To better understand this problem, our Hotel Manager reached out to NGOs and was referred to the host of website that organizes projects for supplying clean water to the more remote areas in Thailand. We then started corresponding with ImagineThailand to plan for a facility that would provide clean water to the school.
Under the guidance of the Recreation associates, hotel associates started to raise funds needed to purchase the equipment. To raise funds, we ran Charity tennis training and personal fitness coaching. The recreation team also organized charity events outside the hotel to create greater awareness of the project and drive its donation blitz.
The various fundraising activities finally raised enough money for the purchase and installation of a water filtration system for the school.
On November 13, ImagineThailand installed the water filtration system at the school premises, making possible easy access to clean water for the school’s basic needs. Our associates who were present shared the joy of the school children and staff when they saw safe and clean water coming out of the taps. 


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