Devotion to Recuperating Associate

An associate Mary was ill and had to be hospitalized for a prolonged period. With a steady stream of guests to serve, even though the Associate kitchen planned to prepare special meals for the recuperating associate, no one was free to deliver the nutritious meals to the patient. Wishing Mary to get proper and appetizing meals, HR assigned Dormitory associate Yuki to make special deliveries to the hospital, twice daily.

Help in His Time of Need

It was past 1am and Narendra dragged his tired body up the flight of dormitory steps. It had been a busy day for Banquet associates and Narendra couldn’t wait to drop his tired body into his nice cool bed. A good undisturbed was what he badly needed.

Extra Effort to Ensure Intern’s Success

The interns from the hotel’s Style Department are a eager bunch, always anxiously looking out for the Intern’s Weekly Training Report painstakingly put together by Ivan. Their enthusiasm is the response to a caring and generous team leader Ivan, who thinks nothing of spending hours carefully preparing the report that contains details on the trainee’s progress, what they did well and areas for improvement.

A Haven for All

Everyone fondly addresses our Dormitory Administrator Lily Meng as sister Lily. Though Lily only joined the hotel in April, our hearts have been warmed time and time again by the contributions that Lily has made towards associate wellbeing.
Just a few days after sister Lily came on board, she observed that the pillows and quilts kept in the store room had turned yellow and were giving off an unpleasant odor. Through there were many of them and sunning each and every piece would take several days, possibly stretching into weeks, Lily was not deterred.

Indispensable Counsellor and Friend

Associate Rosemary was filled with untold happiness when the doctor pronounced that she was pregnant. Elva shared her joy and as a young mum, freely shared with Rosemary the many lessons she had picked up on infant care.

A Superior Who Cares

Raymond Ji is the Executive Chef in our Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort and has always worked well with his colleagues and team members. On 18th Sep. 2014, Raymond found out that his subordinate Brown Xie’s father had been diagnosed with cancer. Knowing of Brown's worries for his father, Raymond Ji immediately arranged Brown to have leave to return home to care for his father without having to worry about work.


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