Overview of STARWOOD CAREERs Next Generation

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STARWOOD CAREERs is a holistic and integrated Talent Management & Development system exclusively designed for Starwood Asia Pacific Division. Embodying our talent strategy of “Win with Talent”, STARWOOD CAREERs marks the growing sophistication of how AP Division translates this corporate talent strategy into a comprehensive and systematic approach to developing and providing meaningful careers for our talent.
Since its full scale implementation in 2011, our collective effort has resulted in the development of more than 7,000 of our Associates in preparation for their next level. As an organization we have contributed to building our bench strengths and enhancing our standing as an Employer of Choice.
As STARWOOD CAREERs continues to gain traction, we have made necessary and useful enhancements to make it more robust & relevant than before. Thus, it is more than just a refresh. If done well, STARWOOD CAREERS Next Generation (SC‐NG) will be a healthy talent eco‐system that will provide a nurturing learning environment that will serve both our organizational and individual aspirations. It embodies a culture where we are dedicated to enlivening and enhancing the way we care for, manage and develop our Associates in Starwood Asia Pacific. 
Theme for Starwood Careers Next Gen (Launch and For the Year):

While we continue to take Starwood Careers to the next level, the fundamental goals ‐ such as developing our talent to the next level and building our talent bench strength ‐ do not change. With SC‐NG, we like to broaden the purpose of Starwood Careers and in this regard, SC‐NG is more than just a literal refresh.
For instance, it is going beyond perceiving the inclusion and completion of a developmental track as the only mark/ measure of success of Starwood Careers. Here, the renewed intent underlying SC‐NG is to provide a platform to elicit and harness the collective aspirations of our people.
Here, the word ‘Aspiration’ is multi‐dimensional/multi‐faceted, where the theme of “My
Aspiration, My Journey” extends to the following ideals:
Seeding the courage to dare to dream, and to aspire,
Encouraging the collective commitment of every Starwood Asia Pacific Associate and embarking on a collective (and yet personal) learning Journey,
Encouraging learning, curiosity and confidence in our talent.
Through this, our Associates will be inspired to reach their fullest potential by taking personal ownership and by discovering new areas and ways of learning – resulting in personal learning, growth and success across a wide spectrum of areas.

STARWOOD CAREERS Next Generation Launch

The purpose of the launch is to signal the advent of STARWOOD CAREERS Next Gen (SC-NG). On top of communicating the scope of SC‐NG and the enhancements/additional resources that comes with it, the launch plan comprises strategic and tactical interventions.
The scope of the ‘launch’ should not be viewed as a one‐time activity but rather, seen holistically as a planned series of events & interventions that will overall, serve to communicate, excite and kick‐start the implementation of STARWOOD CAREERS Next Gen.
Since May 2013, we have started our Starwood Careers Next Generational Launch hubs in various locations for Property Talent Developers to be updated on the changes and improvements made to Starwood Careers to get them ready for the Next Generation launch in their hotels.


A huge thanks to all the host hotels which had supported us with the successful hub training to make this a great Starwood Careers experience for our talent developers.

Appreciation & Recognition
The Starwood Careers Next Generation could not have been successfully launched without the help of many of our Associates who volunteered much of their time to translate our materials such as training resources, posters and videos into local languages. Their hard work has allowed the region and their Associates to be able to make use of the materials easily and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their significant contribution by taking on this project. In the PDF attached, find out who these associates are!


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