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Joint Efforts from Starwood Hotels in KL This Christmas

Starwood hotels in Kuala Lumpur are teaming up in a joint effort to raise much-needed funds to financially support local children born with congenital heart defects.

The initiative first mooted by Lé Meridien Kuala Lumpur saw great success when it was kicked off in 2013.

Corporate Social Responsibility Made Easy

At Starwood, we wish to engage our associates in our corporate social responsibility. However, the term 'corporate social responsibility' can sound intimidating.

Using graphics, this concept is made simple and relatable in this video. To better understand how businesses and you as an individual can play a part, click on either links :

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzvy5IgqTvw

Sustainability Made Easy

As Starwood associates get more and more involved in protecting and conserving the environment, we encourage all participants to consider the important issue of sustainability.

Rather than a one-off activity, to create real impact, we need actions that are sustainable and which would over time make a significant impact on the environment, be it in the area of restoration of coral reefs, preservation of mangrove swarms, reducing carbon footprint or having sustainable procurement practices.

Community Involvement as a Part of Sustainability

We talk about sustainability but what does this mean for our community?

This article outlines how community involvement is an inherent part of sustainability and some ways an organization can help a community through sustainability efforts. These include:

- Supporting local trade
- Alleviating poverty
- Improving infrastructure
- Encouraging involvement by educating guests
- Unlocking human potential

The Business Case for Sustainability

With the world facing depleting resources, both natural and man-made, the idea of sustainability is becoming more than just about protecting and conserving resources. Businesses are beginning to see that sustainability initiatives can and will have a significant impact on their bottom line as well.

To better understand how sustainability efforts can impact our bottom line, check out this easy-to-understand infographics.


Why Your Hotel Should Have a Carbon Offset Program

As a hotel, how can you continue to meet guest expectations for sustainably operations, while holding down costs?

Given the many things hoteliers are doing to go green in order to try and stay competitive, it’s not uncommon to occasionally overlook some of the easier ways to do so. As far as sustainability measures go, a carbon offset program is one of the very easiest to implement.

Community Engagement: Benefits and Best Practices

Increasingly, companies are getting more and more involved in community engagement initiatives. Clearly, there are many benefits for doing so. These include:

1) Helping to ease operating in a new geographical area

2) Enhanced corporate image with stakeholders

3) Improved Investment prospects

4) Support Human Resource goals, including talent attraction and retention.

Starwood Takes Up ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started by one man has created a huge internet sensation - and for a good cause. To support research in ALS in aid of sufferers and their families, Starwood hotels all over the world took up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out the videos of our own Asia Pacific hotel employees and GMs taking part!

The Westin Kuala Lumpur


Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel


Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur (Rooms Division)

Putting Guests at the Center of Sustainability Challenge

With 56 green rooms now fitted with their own meters, guests at The Westin Singapore can now monitor and track their energy consumption via the in-room IPTV system. And for every guest who achieves a green rank (ie. 20% lower than the average energy consumption level for that room category) throughout their stay, the hotel will donate $1 to Unicef. This innovative Green Rooms initiative takes The Westin Singapore’s commitment to its energy conservation one step further by putting the guest at the center of the sustainability challenge.

Check In for Babies

By the virtue of the fact that Starwood enjoys a presence in hundreds of cities around the globe, there are huge opportunities for us to touch and uplift many communities. Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii (The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, Sheraton Waikiki and Sheraton Maui), for instance, recently launched a "Check in for Babies" initiative in an effort to raise awareness of the struggles and needs of families with newborns warded in the intensive care units of hospitals.

What is Global Citizenship In Starwood?

“At Starwood, we have a shared belief that people want a better way to experience the world. We view our work in sustainability and social responsibility as our commitment to making sure there is a better world to experience." 
-          Frits van Paasschen, Starwood CEO

What is Global Citizenship?

Go With the Times – Instagram it!

The advent of social media has popularized food blogs and photo commentaries. In fact, many diners take amateur food reviews seriously, with quite a majority searching for such reviews when making dining decisions.

Recognizing the persuasive power of personal recommendations and riding the Instalgram wave, W Taipei started a contest for amateur photographers and food stylists that allows them to have fun and at the same time, have a go at winning attractive prizes.

Every Reason to Smile

Recently, W Guangzhou conceived a “Smile Ambassador” program, an activity aimed at uncovering our talents’ beautiful smiles during their daily work.
For an entire month, we went in search of happy smiles that expressed a variety of feelings, ranging from warmth, delight, pleasure, gaiety, elation and good humor. These beautiful moments were captured in photo prints and displayed near associate entrance to guest areas so that each time associates enter into the frontline, they will take their best smiles with them to serve our guests.

From Sainsbury’s to Lego ... 10 Stories of Unforgettable Customer Service

In this article, Market Strategist Gregory Clotti pulls out 10 fabulous stories of truly unforgettable customer service. Many of these stories were sparked off by an ordinary event, that when treated with care and creativity, became extraordinary. From Sainsbury to Lego, staff with great ingenuity created unforgettable moments for their customers and won a legion of fans when their stories spread. Clink on this link and be inspired by these stories.

5 Phrases That Should Never Be Used In The Customer Service Business

As society gets more informal, we may unconsciously lapse into casual language and careless phrasing when addressing guests. To us, such phrases may not appear to do much harm, but from the guest's perspective, they can convey a lack of respect or a poor service attitude. So what are these jarring phrases to never use? You may be a little surprise and perhaps even guilty of using them. Here they are : 1. "No Problem" 2. "How Are You Guys Today"? 3. "You Need To…" 4. "Are You Finished With That?" 5.

Create an Emotional Link to Earn Guest Loyalty

At the recent 36th annual New York University International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, top hotel executives, including Simon Turner, President of Global Development, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide shared their insights on cultivating guest loyalty. The panel share their views about ways to create an emotional link that will foster a greater sense of guest loyalty. Click on this link to benefit from these industry experts.

Get Your Bottomline ‘Cooking’

In this article, Larry Mogelonsky, founder of LMA Communications Inc., an award-winning, full-service hospitality consulting and communications agency puts a strong case for in-house cooking classes as a way for hotels to differentiate themselves and engage guests.

What Makes Us Feel Good about Our Work?

  “What does mountain climbing suggests? It suggests we care about the peak, the end, the fight, the challenge … all kinds of other things that motivate us to work or behave in a certain way.” Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presents two eye-opening experiments that reveal our unexpected and nuanced attitudes toward meaning in our work.

The Biggest Challenge Facing Hoteliers

In this article, Ed Watkins, Editor-at-large of Hotel News Now tackles the biggest challenge facing hoteliers – labor. Specifically, he discusses the issue of talent attraction and retention. He also provides links to useful resources on issues such as mandatory wage increases and tipping policies. He closed the article with an inspirational story of how a Frontier Airlines pilot surprised passengers stuck with him on the tarmac in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Want your employees to really care? First you have to really care about them.

"What makes a job more than just a list of duties? Caring. Pay is important. Benefits are important. But pay and benefits are also expected; what makes employees go the extra mile is the feeling of belonging to a team, of pursuing a higher purpose, of working with people who care about them as people, not as employees. When that happens, employees want to come to work. Work is more fun. Work is more rewarding. Work has meaning when we care."

Jeff Haden.

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