A Short Note from the Editor

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Dear friends of Starwood Cares,

Greetings and hope you had a blast in celebrating Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary in your properties!

We are ecstatic and proud of the efforts put in by our properties have spent in commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Starwood Cares – from carefully crafted personalized Starwood Cares Cakes and Cookies, to the creation of exciting events for our associates. Everyone deserves credit for making our 10th Anniversary as a very meaningful milestone in our Starwood Cares Journey.

As we progress towards the end of the year, we would like to showcase some of the most exciting pictures from our properties that captured our collective spirit and values:

Starwood Cares certainly does not stop at our 10th Anniversary, we look forward to another decade to further consolidate our culture, to journey further into bringing the best out of our talent, to own more of our guests and to create more meaningful workplaces and continue to be an active supporters of our communities.
To quote our President & CEO Frits Van Paasschen – “The Best Culture Wins!”.

One of the exciting programs in our next phase of Starwood Cares Journey starting 2011 is the official launch of Starwood Careers. Strengthening our belief that we ‘Win with Talent’, we have designed a Career & Talent Development system that provides structured developmental tracks for all levels of our associates.

Anyone who is willing, ready and selected will have the opportunity to take his/her career to the next level with dedicated developmental programs. Starwood Careers forms a platform for all associates across all levels to enhance their career progression and development. You could view the informative page Starwood Careers to further comprehend what this initiative is all about.

To celebrate the launch of this issue of Living Starwood Cares and to mark the end of a fantastic year 2010, we will be presenting properties with Caring Moment Awards to express our gratitude in your efforts in Living the Starwood Cares Culture. Click here for the award-winning Caring Moment Stories.

As a quick update from the Divisional Office in Singapore, we have been quite active in playing our part in Caring for Community in our quest to encourage active Global Citizenship. Collaborating with Food from the Heart organization, we organized a charity bazaar in our office and established online auction portal, Sbay, in support of this non-profit organization. Click here to read the articles on these as well as to check out what is Happening at our properties around Asia Pacific.

We are privileged to have Don Elliot, Regional Vice-President of India, Bangladesh and Maldives, to share with us his Starwood Journey. Click here to view his life-story.

Last but certainly not least, we wish you all Happy New Year 2011 ahead!


From Miguel's Desk

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Dear colleagues,

Recently, the Asia Pacific Division hosted Starwood’s top 100 global executives in Beijing, China for our global leadership conference. This marks the first time the leadership conference was held in China, highlighting the importance of China as Starwood’s fastest growing hotel and travel market.

In Asia Pacific, we continue to “Own the Upswing” as evident in our outperformance against our competitors: in the Asia Pacific region, we are roughly three times the size of Hilton or Hyatt and 40% larger than Marriot. In China, for example, we have 62 hotels flying eight of Starwood’s nine brand flags, with another 86 hotels in the pipeline – this signifies China as Starwood’s second largest hotel market behind only the Unites States; in fact, between now and 2011, one in every three Starwood hotels will open in China.

The theme for the leadership conference, Journey to 2020, gave us a framework to discuss about our evolution as the leading operator of lifestyle hospitality brands in the world. We also hosted Starwood’s third quarter earning calls from Beijing – a company first that further underscores the importance of China specifically and global markets generally.

In order to keep “Owning the Upswing”, there is a pressing need to cultivate great talents to cater for the escalating demands for talents in our division. In tandem with our strategy to Win with Talent and with our Care for Associates philosophy, we are stepping up Starwood Careers in a big way starting 2011.

Starwood Careers is a structured Career/Talent Development system that will facilitate the development of our associates’ career across all levels. With Starwood Careers, we have and will continue to facilitate the development of future General Managers, Hotel Managers, Excom members and have started piloting classes to develop the mid management tier such as supervisory levels.

All in all, feedback about Starwood Careers tracks has been very positive. With our push to develop our talents at all levels through Starwood Careers, we are confident of building a strong pipeline of talent to support our growth and to meet the aspirations of our associates.

As we embrace the end of this exciting and memorable year, let us continue on with  our Starwood Cares Journey, celebrating key milestones along the way such as our Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary as we move from “Own the Upswing” to "Own the Peak" through our associates, guests and businesses.

With that, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Miguel Ko
Chairman & President
Starwood Asia Pacific

A Short Note from the Editor

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Greetings! Happy Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary to all!

We have kicked-off our Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary celebration by sending a special Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary Launch Kit division-wide. This kit was specially commissioned and distributed to all properties to commemorate this joyous occasion. (click here to view the snapshots of the items in the launch kit)

For our August edition of our “Living Starwood Cares" website, we received a record breaking contribution. Thank you for your continued support and interest in keeping our Starwood Cares Journey alive.

In commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Starwood Cares, we have added a special folder under Happenings @ Starwood AP that is dedicated solely for this occasion. In this folder, you could view a collage of pictures from properties’ Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary Launch/Celebration. It was indeed heartening to witness the effort our properties have allocated to celebrate this happy occasion. Here are some of the exciting pictures the properties have shared with us:



The perfect coordination of our associates from Sheraton Zhoushan, Zhejiang in forming human “10” figure.

The grandiose Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary Celebration in Le Meridien Xiamen

The 10th Anniversary Cake coupled with Starwood Cares Flowers – the ideal props for the celebration from Sheraton Hanoi Hotel.

 You can view the other equally  exhiliarating pictures here

In the past quarter, we launched the automated submission system for Caring Moment and Happenings stories in the website. With this initiative, coupled with your enthusiasm in living the Starwood Cares, we received overwhelming submissions of these stories. We have personally picked some outstanding stories which clearly display the Four Pillars of Starwood Cares as well as our promises to Innovate and strive towards Excellence. I would like to encourage you to read these inspiring stories and share these stories with your colleagues and families..

The past quarter had also hosted a number of special events in our calendar including the Starwood Asia Pacific Divisional Awards. Allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate all Starwood Asia Pacific Divisional Awards 2010 finalists and winners, especially the Starwood Cares President’s Awards winners. Featured in this issue are the winning stories and pictures of the winners.

We are honored to have one of the Starwood Asia Pacific Divisional Award winner Wolfgang Boettcher, General Manager of Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, to share with us his Starwood Journey story with us in the “Personalities and Profiles” feature. Be inspired by his interesting and inspiring journey.

Happy reading and Happy Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary once again.

Francis Tan
Vice President
Talent Management & Organizational Development
Starwood Asia Pacific


From Miguel's Desk

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A very warm greeting to all!

As Asia Pacific is leading the way of recovery from the 2009 global crisis, there are many things in which we should all be very proud of. All the key performance indicators are pointing in the direction of Starwood Asia Pacific indeed “Owning the Upswing” in 2010 and beyond. Let me show you some pretty compelling evidences:

  • Out of 85,000 room pipeline companywide, 59% is from Asia Pacific and we are managing 94% of these rooms
  •  In addition to the title of being the largest 5-stars hotel operator in the region, Smith Travel Research extended our achievement portfolio with the status of the largest new hotel footprint growth in the industry.
  • Our StarVoice score stayed at 84% satisfaction level, a very worthwhile result given it was a year with significantly reduced salary and bonuses.

So how did we as a team achieved these enviable performance yardsticks?

Our People – they are one of the key reasons behind our achievements.

Kudos have to be given out to all our unit General Managers as I believe this is the group of people whom really showed their best by walking the talk and took the frontline responsibility in lowering our cost structure, while managing associate morale and guest satisfaction. You also managed the short term crisis with longer term implications in mind. This has allowed business to come back so quickly this year. So my heartfelt gratitude goes to all the General Managers and your hotel teams.

In order to uphold the “Upswing” and to continue on “Owning the Upswing”, there is a need for our associates to be groomed to be high caliber Starwood Leaders of tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, the Division is launching a new initiative called the Starwood CAREERS programs which is specifically designed to achieve this objective. This is also a gesture of our commitment in delivering our Starwood Cares’ core value of Care for our Associates and to celebrate our 10 years of Starwood Cares.

Let me also take this opportunity to congratulate all Starwood Cares Presidents Awards as well as all Divisional Awards winner for operating year 2009. Please refer to this page for the full list of winners.

I am very pleased with our Asia Pacific story as I have told it to many constituencies. This is a story not about an individual achievement but a group of loyal, committed and energetic people leveraging on the dynamic economic growth rate in Asia Pacific to make this a truly exciting organization to be a member of.

With that, I would like to wish all of you a happy Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary!

Miguel Ko
Chairman & President

Starwood Asia Pacific

Warm Welcome to the New Starwood Cares Website

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Francis Tan
Vice President
Talent Management & Organizational Development
Starwood Asia Pacific
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Dear Friends of Starwood Cares,
A very warm greeting to all of you visiting our all new ‘Living our Starwood Cares Culture’ website. This new site marks another interesting chapter of our Starwood Cares Journey.
This web space is our way of saying ‘Thank You!’ to your overwhelming support, constructive feedback and suggestions for last year’s ‘Living our Starwood Cares Culture’ series. We have adopted your suggestions and combined some of the very best features of our previous Starwood Cares Village website to bring you a brand new website.
Besides the inaugural launch of this new exciting website, this year also holds a very special meaning to all of us here at Starwood Asia Pacific. 


To commemorate this significant occasion, a series of exciting events and celebrations have been lined up for the year. For a start, do take a look at the video HERE to join our associates in offering their well wishes for this celebration.
We would also like to take this opportunity to invite nominations from all properties for our annual Starwood Cares President’s (Divisional) Awards. Details of judging criteria, nomination process and submission template can be found here (PDF|DOC).
Do come back and visit this site now and again for the latest happenings in the division. You will be surprised how much your active participation and contribution to this shared community will enrich our journey in ‘Caring for our Associates, Guests, Business and the Community’.
May the year 2010 avail new opportunities and possibilities for all of us and may each of you find much joy and delight in your life!
Francis Tan
Vice President
Talent Management & Organizational Development
Starwood Asia Pacific




A big “THANK YOU!” to the following properties
for contributing their footages for this video clip.

Le Meridien Jakarta
Le Meridien Qingdao
Le Royal Meridien Mumbai
Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers
Sheraton Changsha
Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel
Sheraton Denarau Villas
Sheraton Fiji Resort
Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
Sheraton On The Park
Sheraton Sanya Resort
Sheraton Shenzhen, Futian Hotel
Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers
Sheraton Xiamen Hotel
St. Regis Hotel, Bali
St. Regis Hotel, Beijing
St. Regis, Shanghai
The Westin Beijing, Chaoyang
The Westin Beijing, Financial Street
The Westin Bund Center, Shanghai
The Westin Mumbai Garden
The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali
The Westin Resort, Macau
The Westin Sohna-Gurgaon, Resorts & Spa
The Westin Tokyo
Westin Denarau Island

See video

From Miguel's Desk

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Miguel Ko
Chairman & President
Starwood Asia Pacific
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Hello and Warm Greetings to all,
Feb 14th 2010, the first day of the Lunar New Year marks the return of the Tiger in the Chinese horoscope. The Tiger possesses qualities such as courage, tenacity, passion and power. Looking back to the year 2009, it was perhaps nothing short of being tumultuous. Yet with adversity and challenges, it sometimes brings the best or worst out of people. I am proud and thankful to have shared or witnessed many instances where many of you have risen to the occasion. We have all faced the challenges head-on, stayed courageous, hunted tenaciously as a pack and stayed close as a family.
The proverbial “green shoots” of recovery appears to have grown taller; if the initial signs and business buzz are anything to go by, we are certainly on our way to “Own the Upswing”.
How much we will “Own the Upswing” requires us to remain alert, be opportunistic and to play as a team. If you have seen any documentary film on how tigers hunt, you must have been impressed with their alertness, the speed, awe and power they displayed and most impressively, they are able to take down targets larger than themselves when they work in team unison.
The hunting-as-a-team metaphor suggests the power of a strong team, their shared objectives and goals. What about us? What inspires and unites us as a team? What is our common bond and values?
Personally, I have a strong belief that Starwood Cares provides the shared bond and common values. By collectively ‘practising’ Starwood Cares, I think it has contributed much to who and what we are today, & what our associates and stakeholders appreciate us for.
Year 2010 marks another milestone for us at Asia Pacific. It is our Starwood Cares 10th Year Anniversary!
I like to wish all of us A Happy Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary! And of course, a pat on the back for everyone.
To our leaders; thank you for taking the lead in building a strong positive culture that allows our Associates to blossom and in doing so, provide an environment where our Guests experience a generous dose of care from our associates.
The Starwood Cares 10th Year Anniversary is an occasion to celebrate as well as to thank and recognize our key contributors. We encourage you to take this opportunity of our 10th Anniversary to bring yourself, your team and hotel to the next level of excellence. At the same time, we will be launching a series of engaging and meaningful activities this year to celebrate this milestone, starting with the Starwood Cares President's Awards 2010.
To commemorate this occasion, we would like to unveil a special Starwood Cares 10th Anniversary Logo (Picture|Animation).
With that, I would like to thank you again for the last 10 years of championing Starwood Cares and we look forward to many good years ahead!
Miguel Ko
Chairman & President
Starwood Asia Pacific


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